Getting To Know The Bohemian Trend In Trinkets

Hopefully with these tips you too can start on this interesting project to make your own adornments. The boho trend is a great way to showcase individual taste. It is mostly identified with being a relaxed and a peaceful person with a love for nature and simple things. Those who follow a boho lifestyle also favour clothing and accessories that reflect this particular nature. They love loos clothing, long skirts and printed tunics which indicate a very colourful personality. You may have heard of bohemian clothing but have you looked closely at the handmade jewellery from Blava Jewellery that can complete the look. Let’s look at where to source some of these elegant pieces and what really constitutes as bohemian adornments.

Finding the right ones

If you are trying to create a certain look, might as well do it correctly. Therefore you cannot really buy something from a mainstream store and think it will complete the look. Mainstream shopping can reveal nice items but they will surely cost you a lot too. So the ideal thing to do is to shop online for unique pieces. However when shopping online make sure you use trustworthy sources. Also make sure you get enough details from the seller about the details and design of the pieces as you cannot really see them for real.


Most often the usual trinkets one wears can also be found in bohemian style such as, leather wrap bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings etc. Apart from these you may also find unique accents that are not usually found in mainstream jewellery as well.

Design influences

Natural elements such as elements of the ocean, animals and plant life are prominent influences on this type of adornments. You are likely to see feather shaped earrings, chokers with shells and even drift wood and carved stones creatively used to create unique adornments. You are also likely to see fringes and tassels attached to these as part of the whole bohemian look.
Let’s look at some of the ways in which this jewellery is worn to give a bohemian look.

Mixing it up: a favourite thing done by boho lovers is layering or mixing things up when it comes to the accessories they wear. A prominent look is the layering of necklaces of different sizes with dresses with a plunging neckline or a high neck. They can be of the same kind or different thicknesses and colour as well.

Lord of the rings: boho fans love their rings and they usually love to show off the different ones they have collected over the years. You can even have several rings for each finger giving another layered look or even have rings of different sizes work together.

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